Privacy Policy

General Data Protection Regulations require every company and organisation which keeps personal data to make sure that they hold the information properly. In particular they must have the consent of people whose data they hold, they must not pass on to other organisations without permission, and they must make sure that it is correct and securely held.

The Henderson Hub is committed to protecting the personal information which our supporters and volunteers have provided, and to ensuring that it is only held and used for the purposes for which it was provided to us. We will not provide to other organisations for them to use. If you do not wish us to hold your data you can ask us to delete it from our records.

What data do we hold, and why do we hold it?

We only hold details about our supporters and volunteers including their contact information, interests and how they have engaged with the Henderson Hub.

We hold it so that we are able to contact them about matters relating to the Henderson Hub such as events in the Henderson Hub, and around Abbots Langley, as well as requests for volunteers, and to communicate information about general developments relating to the what we do.

If you’ve indicated that you are prepared to volunteer at the Henderson Hub then we will record what activities you have told us you would be interested in.

We might in future approach you in connection with supporting the Henderson Hub financially or in other ways.  If you have supported us with a grant or donation in the past, we will hold this data in line with statutory requirements.

We will only pass data to third parties for them to process on our behalf (for example to store or to carry out a publicity exercise for us), or if we are legally required to do so.  We don’t collect or hold data to pass it on to third parties for their own use unless we have your specific agreement – and we will never sell data.

How do we collect data?

The data we hold about you is what you give us – for example when individuals sign up as a supporter of the Henderson Hub, purchase tickets for events, or when you email us to sign up to our newsletter for information, and you agree to our holding the data. We would also hold details of people who have supported us with donations and grants.

What are your rights?

We only hold data which you have agreed that we can hold. If you are concerned about our holding data about you can ask us to delete it. You can also ask us to stop contacting you. And if you want to see the data we hold you can ask us to make it available to you. You will have to provide two pieces of identity, and we reserve the right to charge a fee to cover our costs of up to £10.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with us about any of this, or if you want to ask us to delete your data, please email us at or phone 01923 601280.